MAC Lipsticks

Let your Lips Showcase your Attitude this Season.

Ladies, Oxford Meets Fifth is all about global fashion tips for women and we believe your make-up can either make your outfit look celebrity ready or make you look like a streetwalker in the words of Joan Rivers. For centuries it has been all about the dark eyeliner and bold eyeshadow colours but now it is time to let our lips do the talking. Bold lip colours, both matte and shine, are appearing on the red carpet, in photoshoots, on the pages of editorial magazines and in stores. This 2015 style is taking the beauty world by storm and is the perfect way to showcase your style, attitude and mood. Look and feel like a super model by supporting one of these fantastic lip colours; ruby reds, popping purples, outrageous oranges and perfect pinks. One company which was years ahead of this trend and are now continuing to take over the global beauty industry is MAC cosmetics. MAC lipsticks are the definition of vibrance, perfection and effortlessly flawless.

‘M·A·C was established in Toronto when makeup artist and photographer, Frank Toskan and beauty salon owner, Frank Angelo brainstormed a makeup line. Frustrated because of the lack of colours that would shoot well with photography; their aim was to develop a studio line makeup line that would fulfill their professional needs. M·A·C was homegrown in Canada – literally. Moving forward, M·A·C continues to satisfy the needs of its customers. Constantly developing existing and new categories, each of which grows out of a demand from professional makeup artists, M·A·C’s ultimate ambassadors. Equally important as the growth of its worldwide business is the company’s ongoing involvement in fundraising efforts and social awareness programs. Besides its commitment to the M·A·C AIDS Fund, the “heart and soul” of M·A·C, the company supports animal-free testing. M·A·C Cosmetics is owned by The Estée Lauder Companies, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of quality skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care products.’ MAC lipsticks are unbeatable and once you go MAC, there is no going back!

MAC lipsticks are now being created with a new and permanent formula. The lipsticks are high shine and long lasting to ensure full coverage for those longs days. They apply very creamy and comfortable, and have great staying power. Wheat Germ Extract, and Olive Extract help keep the lips moisturised. Speak softly, say something shocking! MAC lipsticks give weight to your words, and lightness to your lips! Texture talks for you and finish has the last word.

Oxford Meets Fifth is obsessed with the MAC attack revolution so we have decided to share our favourite colours with you. Three specially picked colours to have you covered for every occasion. With these three MAC lipsticks in your EVONTTE handbag, you can let your lips do the talking. Let silence be your words. Let the colours speak for you.

Dark & DaringMAC Lipsticks Dark Daring

I can’t go a day without this alluring and mysterious MAC lipstick. Inspired by Lord’s album Pure Heroine, this smokey purple colour will have you feeling like a celebrity yourself. This lipstick is made for night. Embrace your inner goth and dark side, keep your lips sealed. This colour will make a statement and have everyone asking you where your lipstick is from. Get in quick before all of these beauties sell out! Limited release and unbeatable quality at an incredible price- how can you resist? Long lasting and silky smooth, this MAC lipstick will have you speechless. Absolutely adored by us at OMF but more importantly loved by women from all corners of the globe. This rich plum colour MAC lipstick will bring youth to any look and have you looking like you have just walked off the sets of Made in Chelsea or Vampire diaries, sexy and seductive.

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Bright & Brilliant

MAC Lipsticks Bright Brilliant Let this lively MAC lipstick in Morange represent you this season. Outshine the sun or bring brightness to winter. This lipstick is made for full coverage to last all day without bleeding. From MAC’s amplified creme collection, this lipstick will not only do the talking but always do the moisturising! Here at OMF we are in love with the fun and flirty colour. Whether its for a date in the park, a day in the office or for a night out on the town, this MAC lipstick in Morange will have you feeling confident and looking chic. Let this lipstick represent your joy and happiness- maybe this joy was brought to you by your Dogeared good luck necklace? Never have another dull day with this MAC lipstick! Rain or shine. Matte or shine.

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Ruby & RedMAC Lipsticks Ruby Red

Ruby red is the hottest lipstick colour this season and is one of MAC cosmetics signature MAC lipstick colours. Glamorous retro style with the twist of futuristic style, this full coverage MAC lipstick will have you lost for words. This vivid red MAC lipstick will complement your Michael Kors Watches perfectly or have you looking polished from lips to shoes in your Steve Madden Sandals! Perfect for anytime of day, let yourself shine in this stunning red lipstick. Classic elegance is key in 2015 and this lipstick is the height of sophistication. One vital global fashion tip for women in 2015 is wear ruby red on your lips! The red brings colour to a dull outfit and draws all eyes to your seducing, sensuous lips. MAC attack with this ruby red MAC lipstick and have everyone starring for all the right reasons. Release your inner celebrity and showcase this MAC lipstick with a simple smokey eye. Learn how in our beauty category. Red is a colour of power, demand your power with this stunning Ruby Woo MAC lipstick. Take a stand before they are all gone. Be a fashion leader this season and let your MAC lipstick do the talking.

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Become a leader this season with MAC lipsticks. Long lasting, vibrant colours, high quality, loved globally and the height of sophistication. MAC cosmetics are unbeatable and will be the future of beauty products worldwide. Prepare to be taken by the MAC attack and let your lips do the talking. Runway ready colours at the tip of your fingers. Tag us @oxfordmeetsfifth showcasing your brights, share your reviews with us on twitter and Facebook and be sure to share us with your friends. Contact us for further tips and tricks in all thing fashion and beauty


Steve Madden Sandals

Follow in Our Footsteps

However you lovely ladies are spending your Sunday, whether it is a day packed full of outdoor events with the kids, work bbq’s, a lazy day around the house or reading this article- we have four of our favourite Steve Madden sandals to get you through the day.

The brand of Steve Madden was born in 1990 and created with a mere $1100 budget. Over two centuries later Steve Madden is easily America’s most successful shoe designer. Steve Madden sandals are fashion forward, innovative and sometimes wild but always spot-on-chic. Steve Madden sandals are adored and owned by women worldwide. If you don’t own at least one pair of Steve Madden Sandals, we are here to change that! These sandals incorporate simplicity with the added touches of inspiration gained from rock and roll and urban edge. Steve Madden sandals are unbeatable; each individual pair is crafted using decades of experience to ensure only the highest quality shoes are manufactured.

Our fashionistas at Oxford Meets Fifth have picked four perfect Steve Madden sandals to suit every woman perfectly. Steve Madden sandals are crafted to fatter women’s feet while ensuring comfort to help you last through long days in style. Forget your sneans and listen to our global fashion tips for women!


Steve Madden Sandals Zsaza

These simple silver sandals are elegant and classic. These Steve Madden Sandals are perfect for night when you don’t want the added height of heels. Their 3 strap design along with sip entry at the heel, highlights all the right areas of a woman’s foot. Steve Madden sandals are always a flawless fit meaning you won’t have the worry of sizing issues when ordering your Zaza sandals tonight. These heels showcase edgy glamour and will have everyone in the room envying them. Pair these shoes with one of our Evontte favourites, Elle or Gaelle, to ensure you accessories are making a statement. These Steve Madden Zsaza sandals while being ideal for all ages are extremely well made and competitively priced. These sandals are a new design for 2015 and are selling out fast across the word! Get in quick before it’s too late.

Shop now for these gorgeous shoes and add them to your collection!


Steve Madden Sandals Lawful Looking for something a little more unique for your everyday saviour sandal? I know, and I’m sure you can all relate, when i find a shoe I love, I buy it in every colour and wear them with everything! This Steve Madden Lawful sandal is made for exactly that. Crossing vamp straps.with added polished gold-tone hardware decorates the each of the two straps. Zip entry at the heel similar to the Zsaza. These shoes are the perfect combination of bohemian and street style without looking like you are wearing DIY shoes! Available in sexy black for night and dainty tan for day to day. These Steve Madden sandals are beautifully finished with a cushioned heal and gold metal toe detailing. Let these Steve Madden sandals be the eye-catching element of your outfit this summer. Five star rating from all of us here at OMF and women globally, at such an incredibly low price, how can you resist?


Shop now for this gorgeous sandal for under $50!

B Jeweled

Steve Madden Sandal B Jeweled

Lawful and Zaza not your style, how about something a little lighter? These stunning 2015 Steve Madden sandals are almost sold out worldwide already! These colourful sandals bring life to your outfits while still maintaining Steve Maddens signature edge and individuality. Adorned with sparkling stores of various shapes and sizes along with an adjustable ankle strap to ensure comfort for all foot types. These sandals are durable and made to a very high standard to ensure they will last you a long time. Let these Steve Madden sandals bring added colour to your summer and spring outfits or bring life to your dull winter wardrobe. No matter the occasion, these Steve Madden B Jeweled sandals will have everyone jealous. Once again comfort and an incredible price are huge attribute to these sandals! Here at OMF at least one of our staff is seen wearing them daily. Let these fun and flirty shoes lead you to follow your dreams and pair them with one of DOGEARED”S purposeful jewelry items.

Click here to grab this classy sandal for under $70!


Steve Madden Sandals Mellow Laid back, simple, casual, easy going and effortless. Does this sound more like your fashion style? Well then, our final pick is made for you. These Steve Madden sandals offer a tiny bit of height and feature leather straps with the addition of two small gold buckles. These shoes are perfect for bringing a hippy vibe to any outfit. These Steve Madden Mellow sandals showcase youth and style- two key elements in creating an easy going outfit. Once again true to size and extremely comfortable along with a wide range of colours from tan to black and even sensuous gold and silver. At such an incredible price, having a range of this versatile shoe, will have you set for the crazy year ahead! Ladies, these mellow sandals are unique and fashion forward and are quite frankly my favourite shoe of 2015. These Steve Madden sandals will give you legs for days and allow your confidence to show through in a polished outfit from head toe!

Click to see this gorgeous sandal on Amazon now!

I’m sure you ladies are struggling to decide between which pair best suits you or which colours will go best with your wardrobe- I know I was the same after investigating these Steve Madden sandals to share with you, the women of the world. At such incredible prices each of these sandals are worth their weight in gold. Fashionable, classic yet showcase future styles, urban, edgy and effortlessly chic. I can’t think of anything else to ask for in a sandal! Join us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to showcase your global fashion tips for women. Join our revolution. Let us be your fashion bible this year, I promise we will always ensure you are looking your best and on top of the emerging trends. Tag us @oxfordmeetsfifth, whether its to showcase your Steve Madden sandals, Evontte bags, Dogeared Jewellery, Australian clothing labels or any of our reviewed pieces or even just to say hi; we would love to hear from you all! I’ll leave you to your shoe shopping Ladies, but just remember, a girl can never have too many shoes.


Dogeared Purposeful Jewelry

It’s the little things that make life beautiful

Dogeared Jewelry was created in 1991 in Southern California. Dogeared’s founder Marcia Maizel-Clarke believed jewelry could be both beautiful and meaningful, and her idea that jewels should speak sparked the creative journey now known as Dogeared. ‘Dogeared believes goods things do happen.’We first discovered Dogeared purposeful jewelry pieces in our article on ‘Three Stunning Necklaces’. Dogeared pieces each tell a story; whether they represent special moments, milestones or experiences, they are filled with special meaning. Dogeared jewelry embraces spirituality and meaning and runs with it. Each piece is the perfect mix of symbolism, simplicity and style. Whether these elegant pieces are for yourself, your family, friends or a loved one; the piece will be cherished for a lifetime.

Dogeared features an enormous range of jewelry pieces, so our staff at Oxford Meets Fifth have hand-picked three of our all time favourites. Each of these three pieces are connected with three vital attributes. These attributes are aspects which are needed in order to craft each Dogeared purposeful jewelry piece. Balance. Luck. Power. Every woman deserves these in her life and these symbols are the way to attaining them.

Balance- Bracelet

Balance is something which we can struggle to find in our lives at times Dogeared Purposeful Jewelry Bracelet and with this simple bracelet on your wrist, it will remind you the little things in life are the ones which should be enjoyed. Moments which may not come around again and opportunities which require taking a leap of faith. While at times it can seem like work is the priority, this should never be the case. We have all experienced a time in our lives where we have been stressed, lonely, secluded, or unhappy. These negative emotions were the result of us losing sight of our life balance. This bracelet will be the perfect reminder of the importance of balance; bringing you a life filled with happiness and joy. This Dogeared purposeful jewelry piece will empower you, your friends or family to find the happy medium between work and play. Hand crafted in the United States with premium quality repurposed leather and sterling silver. This simple symbol of balance will work perfectly with your new Michael Kors Watch to help keep you on time and feeling stress free . Find your balance without feeling like you are walking a tight rope.

Click to buy this beautiful bracelet for only $38 on Amazon!


Luck- Necklace

Dogeared Purposeful Jewelry Necklace Winning the lottery may be the type of luck you seek but this bracelet possesses luck much more powerful. The type of luck which leads you to opportunities, love, success, happiness and health. Whether you seek all of these or or focus on one, this necklace will be your guid to finding it. This elegant hand crafted sterling silver elephant is dipped in 14k gold. Once you put this perfect keepsake on for the first time, you will never take it off again. Believe in the power this luck has to leading you towards that little bit of extra luck when you are running dry. This elephant hangs on a beautiful, intricate sterling silver chain crafted from recycled. This Dogeared purposeful jewelry piece is the perfect gift for yourself or someone close to your heart.

All the luck in the world can be yours! Shop for this Good Luck Necklace now.

Power – Earrings

These beautiful sterling silver lightning bolt earnings are unique yet Dogeared Purposeful Jewelry Earrings simple. Lightning strikes twice with these delicate DOGEARED SILVER STUD EARRINGS. These studs are perfect for day to day wear, no matter what the occasion. Whether is’t lunch or coffee, school or uni, shopping or gym; these earrings will have you looking refreshed and stylish. These earrings are handcrafted in the United States from recycles sterling silver and are the perfect gift for all ages. This Dogeared purposeful jewelry piece will hold special meaning close to your heart; no matter which milestone they mark, they will make a stand. These earring may represent achievements in work and school or in your personal lives; be proud of these moments and embrace them. Let these earring showcase there striking simplicity and beauty this new year. This Dogeared purposeful jewelry piece deserves pole position in our gift ideas category.

Buy these gorgeous earrings either as a gift or for yourself!

These Dogeared purposeful jewelry pieces are the future of environmentally friendly yet on trend fashion. I have never been a big jewelry fan myself, as i love letting my clothing pieces speak for themselves, however, discovering Dogeared has changed this! I wish I could dress head to toe in these beautifully crafted pieces- necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets all bringing amazing added attributes and meaning to everyday. Whether you are wearing one or five of these meaningful pieces, the piece/s will warm your heart and bring endless memories and meaning flooding back to you with every glance. These Dogeared pieces are loved in America alone but also adored internationally. Tag us @oxfordmeetsfifth, on Instagram flaunting your Dogeared piece, on Twitter sharing your review with the world or on Facebook updating your mood because your Dogeared piece has brought you luck or love. For more global fashion tips for women check out our Homepage and be sure to contact us for any further advice.


5 Great Female Fashion Bloggers 2015

The wonderful thing about the world of fashion is the diverse range of people, places and opinions which are involved in online fashion blogging. We thought that today we would create a list of 5 great female fashion bloggers which have the Oxford Meets Fifth tick of approval! If you haven’t already heard of these ladies yet, you will have now! Take a look at our thoughts below:

Katya Bychkova – Style Sprinter

Katya is a fashion blogger from The City that Never Sleeps, New York City. With regular content and posts on fashion, beauty, celebrity and lifestyle, Katya is regularly up to date on the fashion world. With great interaction with her followers on Twitter, Katya is available to answer questions you may have on style or appearance. Her article last week on the ideal Valentine’s Day look has received great feedback in the female fashion blogging world. We also love her touch of personality she adds by inserting pictures of herself – great work Katya!. Check out her website here:

Great Female Fashion Bloggers Katya

Jessica Stein – Tuula

From the other side of the globe we have Jessica Stein, an Australian fashion blogger who writes from Sydney. Her blog is perfect for those who want to travel but are stuck behind their computer screen, as Jessica takes her audience with her on her global travels. As of writing this post, Jessica is in London, but you can never be too sure where she will be next! Simply hover your mouse to ‘Travels”, pick a country and start reading about Jessica’s adventures! Click below to start your global fashion adventure:

Great Female Fashion Bloggers Jessica

Veronica Ferraro – The Fashion Fruit

The next destination on our global search for Great Female Fashion Bloggers is the beautiful European country of Italy. Veronica too has an eye for global fashion events and attends Fashion Weeks in Paris, London, Lisbon and more! Veronica writes mostly in Milan where she lives with her boyfriend and her dog, and her articles are available both in English and Italian; truly a global fashionista! The Fashion Fruit began as a fashion blog, however Veronica has now expanded her interests to report on Beauty, Fitness, Travel and Projects. Have a look at The Fashion Fruit below!

Great Female Fashon Bloggers Veronica

Lily Melrose – Lily Melrose

Writing from the United Kingdom is Lily Melrose. Lily is a 24 year old Female Fashion Blogger from London who writes on a range of topics, including outfits, lifestyle, advice and more. We really enjoyed her article on Cold Weather Dressing, which addresses the best way to deal with the cold in style. And as she says herself, someone from Britain certainly needs to know! Have a look at Lily Melrose’s self named blog below:

Lily Melrose

Denni Elias – Chicmuse

Denni Elias writes for Chicmuse and is another global lover of fashion. Denni is currently in New York City, however spends a lot of her time in Paris as well. Doesn’t that sound like the fashion blgoger’s dream! As a frequent attender of fashion events, parades, weeks and months, Chicmuse is certain to have up to date style and advice for your fashion interests. Denni wrote an article on the outfit she wore for lunch in Chelsea, and she provides a great breakdown of each fashion item. See more of Denni’s work below:

Great Female Fashion Bloggers Chicmuse

That concludes our list of 5 Great Female Fashion Bloggers for 2015! We would love to hear what you think about our list, so please give us your feedback and share this article on social media! Thanks so much ladies.


Australian Clothing Labels

One of our Australian readers asked us to write a piece about Australian Clothing Labels as she has a passion for local fashion boutique brands. In 2007, Finders Keepers was founded. The label flourished due to its focus on quality, on-trend pieces with trans-seasonal appeal. From there, the company introduced four other labels; Cameo in 2010, Keepsake The Label in 2011 and Jaggar and The Fifth in 2014. Combined these brands now have over 3,000 stockists worldwide and the home of fashion online: BNKR.

These Australian clothing labels are the height of sophistication and are the future of fashion. They continually release high end fashion pieces which form a cohesive collection of items including everything from tops to pants, dresses to playsuits and now an exclusive line of fashionable activewear.

If I could, I would dress head to toe, day after day in these select Australian brands. Whether its to the gym, lunch or an evening out with the girls; these iconic pieces will have you standing out in a crowd with ease!

Perfect for all ages, whether you at 16 or 30, these beautiful, high quality garments will have you feeling fashion forward and refreshed. Cameo, Keepsake, Finders Keepers, The Fifth and Jaggar are the definition of boutique fashion. Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner are spotted in these brands on a weekly basis.

Ultra Blue – “Let it Go Playsuit” by Keepsake

Australian Clothing Labels Let It Go Playsuit
No matter the occasion, this beautiful piece will have you feeling young and vibrant. 2015 has proved to be the yer of ultra blue and this Keepsake playsuit has stolen the show, setting the bar high for all other designers to incorporate such a stunning colour into something so effortlessly chic. This Keepsake romper is cut from rich crepe, and features a flirty exposed back and alluring halter neckline. Dramatic pintucks add movement to the skirt-like hem. Hidden back zip and fully lined. This dress speaks for itself, and with a simple black bag and show with a dramatic winged eye will have you looking like a model. The true Australian fashionista might want to include one of the lovely Evontte bags with their style! Extremely flattering and one of my favourite Keepsake pieces of all time.

Flower Power- “Chicago Pantsuit”

Australian Clothing Labels Pantsuit

This pantsuit is new in 2015 and is flawless. The delicate print with the flattering cut will suit any body shape, eye colour and height. These pantsuits are cut to perfection which is just one of the incredible advantages of dressing in any of these labels. This looks is perfect for the races, corporate function or lunch with the girls. Be the first to be spotted in this new season, playsuit before your friends beat you to it. Heels of flats, open toe or closed, it does’t matter; this pantsuit is versatile and will be the perfect go to option this season. The Aussie-made Cameo Red Floral Chicago Pantsuit features a high-cowl neckline, wide armholes, an invisible back zipper closure, a high waist with belt loops & a thick wrap around belt for a cool self-tie detail. The chic relaxed fit of the tapered pants is in the drop crotch, two cutaway side pockets, two back welt pockets, and functional invisible zippers at cuffs. Pair this innovative jumpsuit with natural mules & a structured cross body, and accessorise with one of the stunning Michael Kors Watches. I know I can’t wait to be caught wearing mine!

The Seducer- “Into the Flames Dress”

Australian Clothing Labels Dress
This sleek black dress will have you turning heads. Whether its for date night with Mr Right or to help you find him; it will be sure to do its job. Simplistic and sexy yet classy and elegant. This dress is absolute perfection! Paired with a small heel and red lip along with a bright bag or metallic cuff, the options are endless. The Keepsake Into The Flames Dress in black has a V-neck, Pleated bodice and straps. Complete this dazzling look with a pair of statement earrings! The beautiful cutout at the hem along with a fitted waist and high quality lining to ensure comfort and runway worthy looks.

These are just 3 of the hundreds of pieces which each of these Australian clothing labels have to offer! You won’t be disappointed if you listen to these fashion tips for women; we will have you looking your best with ease! Check out more at to find your perfect make-up look, shoes and accessories to match you new designer outfits. These brands are loved by us here at OMF and loved globally! Contact us for further questions and be sure to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Share us with your friends to be in the chance to win weekly competitions – we do notice you!


Michael Kors Watches

Practicality Meets Fashionability

Women and watches…I know what you ladies might be thinking; ‘Ughh watches, boring, geeky, and outdated’, well, not quite. Our fashion tips for women will convince you otherwise! As we enter February, 2015 is well underway and this year watches are making a statement. Every woman should be seen rocking a watch this season, I for one will be! Watches are unique, stylish and have stormed 2015 with their revamped, fashion-forward designs.

Michael Kors continues to deliver glamorous and effortlessly chic watches for all ages. Established in 1981, Michael Kors watches and accessories are loved globally. These high quality watches are perfect to wear day and night. Finding the ideal watch to suit your style can be difficult, but as Oxford Meets Fifth continues delivering you with the best global fashion tips for women, we have selected four elegant, in season, Michael Kors watches just for you. Let your watch represent your style; whether it’s an effortless silver watch you seek or glamorous gold watch which demands attention.

Check out OMF’s picks for the season ahead

Gold and shiny, delicate and brilliant. Does this sound like you? If yes, then this first watch is made for you.

Michael Kors Quartz Goldtone Watch

Michael Kors Watches Quartz Goldstone

This signature MK watch is the pinnacle of what Micheal Kors represents; sophistication. This gold and champagne toned watch crafted with premium stainless steal is build for long lasting wear as well as high class looks. Michael Kors women’s watches carry on the tradition of runway style, while incorporating classic watch movements and materials This stylish watch showcases the traditional shiny ‘MK’ logo detail on the face along with the additional features of three hands and water resistance up to 100m. This stunning watch is a classic and one of OMF’s favourite designs. This on-trend watch is suited to all styles, work or play, and all seasons, summer or winter. This watch will not disappoint.

Buy this stunning gold watch now!

If gold isn’t quite your style, how about something a little more sporty?

Michael Kors Quartz, Black Dial with Black Gold tone Bracelet

Michael Kors Watches Black

This watch is sporty and plays with the idea of taking your every day watch and making it versatile while still being in style. This watch showcases a futuristic look perfect for women globally. Black is always classy and MK updates this standby wrapping the case and bracelet in sporty polyurethane. With the features of three extra time functions, large numbers, date function and water resistance, this watch will be the only thing you need when you leave the house. The watch is absolutely adored by women globally and is the perfect day watch. Bold black with striking shine and glamorous gold detailing; this watch is perfection. This MK watch really is the leading design in its class and won’t settle for second best!

Click to shop for this black Michael Kors watch today
Sporty black not you? How about something silver with a dash of colour?

Michael Kors Colette Blue Dial Ladies Watch

Michael Kors Watches Colette

Michael Kors watches are lasting fashion at its whimsical best. Polishes stainless steal with eye catching crystal detailing on the face, lit up by a stunning blue-sliver face excels this watch to a level of incomparable class. Once again this casual, traditional watch is perfect for work, general day to day jobs or can be dressed up to compliment any night look with its brilliant shine and intriguing colours. Your friends, family, work colleagues and even strangers will envy your MK watch. This watch is dainty yet build to last and will never fail to provide you with the correct time, only losing a few seconds a year. This watch is made to suit all skin tones and will compliment them in all different ways. OMF’s global tips for women, rank this watch very highly on a global scale and promise you won’t be unhappy with a single feature of this watch.

This gorgeous watch is on sale! Click here to buy it now

Haven’t found your perfect watch yet? Well this last watch is the one you have been waiting for.

Michael Kors Traditional Gold Womens Watch

I am lost for words about this watch. It is simplistic, built to appear in high fashion articles and on runways globally. It is subtle yet demands to be seem and is the definition of chic! This single gold toned watch is what MK Michael Kors Watches Traditionalstands for and receives flawless reviews worldwide. Made of high quality gold stainless steal with gold dial features finished of with a simple Michael Kors logo; this watch is unbeatable. Let this watch speak for itself. All I have to say is a 10/10. High-fashion, on-trend and simple perfect.

Buy this perfect traditional gold watch now – Add to Cart

I for one wouldn’t be seen out of the house without my MK watch on my wrist and I know you will soon be the same. These beautiful watches showcase decades of craftsmanship and only continue to stay up to date and expose us to the possible future look of watches. Watches aren’t just for access to the time with ease, they are a fashion statement! These watches are inexpensive yet made to last and of an impeccable quality. OMF’s global fashion tips for women continue at Check us out on twitter, Instagram and Facebook for your chance to win monthly competitions and experience 2015’s best fashion tips for women available. Treat yourself today.

If you are looking for a specific article or you need fashion advice, contact us and read all about OMF. Learn more about our ideas and aims to provide you with fashion forward styles and products.


3 Stunning Necklaces for Women

As part of our ongoing effort to provide the best fashion tips for women, we are continuing with our recommendation lists for different accessories! If you liked our 5 statement Earrings for 2015, you will love our necklace advice below.

There are numerous stunning necklaces that will attract different kinds of women. The kind of design that one wears usually shows the kind of personality one has. Selecting the perfect stunning necklaces should also be done in consideration of the kind of neck one has, the neck length, their body features including their face size and shape.

The jewellery is also designed to wear on certain types of occasions or for women with certain kinds of lifestyles. A necklace also makes the perfect present for a loved one. This is especially if it looks good and has meaning. The many designs can however, can make selecting the perfect one a bit too overwhelming. The following are some of the most stunning and at the same time affordable necklaces available in the market today.

Good Karma, Gold Happy Lotus Necklace

The good karma, gold happy lotus necklace is a product of Dodgers. It costs around $62 with shipping being free of charge depending on where it is being shipped. Started by Marcia Maizel- Clarke, Dogeared has been designing stunning necklaces since 1991. It believes in karma and connecting with its clients. This jewellery collection enables wearers show off their personal styles and looks youthful at the same time. The creations are creative and modest with the gold happy lotus necklace being the perfect example.

Stunning Necklaces Good Karma

The necklace is in gold plated silver made of cable chain and it is 16 inches long and gold dipped.

The lotus necklace makes a perfect gift for a loved one. This is because the lotus flower is not only beautiful but a symbol of good luck. It is a sign of wisdom and hope as well. Designed especially for youthful women at heart, the necklace is simple, brings a relaxing feeling and brightens up the day. It in addition emphasizes the wearer’s beauty.

The necklace is handmade and created with the intention of imparting good energy worldwide. It is made in the United States and can be shipped to a number of countries outside the US as well. The boxes used to package the necklace are made using recycled cardboard which makes it environmentally friendly.

The golden colored lotus is tranquil and has a calming effect making it ideal for women who are looking for this together with beauty.

Heart Outline Pendant Necklace

The Myia Passiello’s Swarovski Zirconia Heart outline pendant necklace is made using Swarvoski pure brilliance zirconia. The Swarvoski Zircona is inlaid in the pendant making it exquisite. The stones are cut into ideal fractions of diamonds to make the perfect design.

The jewellery is 0.65 inches tall, 0.61 inches wide and 18 inches long costing around $79. It has a beautiful pendant shaped as an open heart. The stimulated diamond is the finest all over the world. The design of these stunning necklaces is fashionable and does not go out of style. The timeless and simple nature of the design makes it even more stunning and popular. It is beautiful and ideal for women who love silver jewellery.

Stunning Necklaces Heart Outline

If you are looking for inspiration this is the perfect necklace for the job. It is platinum plated silver with a minimum gem weight amounting to 0.7 carats. Its radiance and elegance is stunning and anyone will love it once given as a gift. Another advantageous feature of the necklace is the color. It is pure and simple making the necklace ideal for wearing with any kind of outfit. One also does not have to worry about accessorizing as the piece looks well with anything. This necklace also suits any kind of woman regardless of their kind of lifestyle.

Myia Passiello jewelries are designed using a combination of sophistication and beauty perfect for women who are outgoing, trendy and classy. If looking to look trendy and beautiful without having to worry about accessorizing, this is the ideal jewellery.

Sun and Moon Pendant Necklace – ‘Celestial’

The sun and moon pendant necklace is beautiful and at the same time conveys symbolism with its design. The sun symbolizes life while the moon means protection. The design is simple and the necklace is dainty perfect for the woman looking for a simple and chic look. It brings the world’s inspiration to the wearer making it really unique and a real classic.

Stunning Necklaces Sun Moon

It is made by hand and costs about $89. The chain is Boston link and it has a width of 0.31 inches and it is 18 inches long.

There is meaning in every stone used to make jewelries by Satya. They are a form of art meant to inspire the world made with precious stones and polished metals. The necklaces are handmade and are inspired by indigenous cultures from all over the world. The sun and moon pendant is one of Staya’s best sellers.

These stunning necklaces are ideal for those who love necklaces with spiritual meanings. It is a stylish design made with grace. It has a spring-ring clasp and very gorgeous. It is not too long or too short either. The charms are stunning and cute just like the pictures without being too large.

Some of these stunning necklaces will be available only on selected online stores. Take advantage of the online stores that provide discounts on jewellery to get the best deals. If they also have a guide for customers on how they can select good jewellery, the better. This includes how to select the best stones, making orders and maintaining the jewellery. Fast shipping services are great as well with some of the stores providing same day shipping services. Customer reviews let you know whether the necklace is as good as it has been described to be. However, even without the customer reviews, selecting a quality necklace can be based on the reputation of the company making it. If purchasing the necklace as a present, you can have it wrapped during purchase. This is a service that some of the online stores will provide. For the necklaces that are handmade, they may have differences in size, shape as well as color. There are many other things to talk about but the above is an insight with this respect.

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5 Statement Earrings for 2015

Boutique Fashion Style

5 Statement Earrings to Enhance Every Look

Earrings are always the perfect addition to an outfit; whether its for the office, a black tie event or family bbq, we have you covered. We all wish our earrings could whisper compliments into our ears, but with the tips below, you will be feeling confident and stylish. Statement earrings are a huge boutique fashion trend of 2015 and it can be hard to pick the right style for an outfit. With these five earrings you will have all bases covered. Why have just one when you can have them all. I wouldn’t be able to survive without my collection of statement earrings.

1. The “Pop of Colour”

Just like a pop star, these earrings demand attention. These are timeless and classic statement earrings with the added twist of colour. Colour has been the savour of statement earrings as it modernises them and makes them perfect to add colour to a black and white outfit or perfectly complement your already colourful outfit. There stunning blue teardrop cluster earnings are the height of classic elegance while being fashion forward and on trend. There ocean blue tones will have everyone intrigued.

Statement Earrings Double Drop

2. The “Bohemian”

Festival season is upon us and these earrings are the perfect addition to any bohemian, hippy look. They are classic and simple while resembling traditional Turkish jewellery. Lucky Brand always delivers up to date, interesting and individual statement earrings. These earrings have been well received world wide and will not disappoint. They speak for themselves; 5 stars.

Statement Earrings Lucky Brand

3. The “Rain Drop”

This simple style of earring has been around for centuries but never ceases to fail. These earrings will complete any outfit without overpowering your dress. They bring excitement, class and sophistication. These rain drop style earrings are perfect for weddings, formal events or even to finish your valentines day look. These earrings move with you and catch the light perfectly. Rain Drop earrings suit every and any woman’s style.

Statement Earrings Linear Rhinestone

4. The “Crystal”

Nina “Eiffel” Antique silver crystal drop earring are beautiful! These earrings sparkle from every angle whether your wear your hair up or down, these earrings will light up the room and demand attention. Classic silver plated earrings with crystal detailing. Whether these earrings are a gift for yourself, your wife, or friend; they will cherish them for a lifetime.

Statement Earrings Nina Eiffel

5. The “Black Tie”

Take a trip back in time with these statement earrings. These green and black duel tone dangle earrings have been brought back from the days of “Great Gatsby” and thrown into the present. Seen on the pages of Vogue, these earrings are the statement of 2015 jewellery. Seen in boutiques globally. Be the first of your friends to showcase these earrings and will shine in these sexy yet delicate earrings.

Statement Earrings Dangle Drop

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Evontte – Elle & Gaelle

Clutches can be a nightmare! Trying to squish your phone, credit cards, make-up and keys into a tiny bag; it never ends well. Clutches (while sometimes frustrating) are my favourite type of handbag. They can act as a statement piece or compliment an outfit perfectly. High quality, fashion forward clutches tend to be very hard to find and near impossible to find for a reasonable price. Well, I have the perfect fashion tip for (Australian) women; Evontte!

The Elle and Gaelle clutches are perfect for any occasion, day or night. They are both a convenient size, fashion forward and available in different colours.

Gaelle is the more simplistic of the two clutches. It is simply elegant and is the perfect addition to any boutique fashion look. Available in classic black and white or spice things up with a splash of cherry red. This clutch features card holders and a range of very well designed pockets; this clutch is sensational!

Evontte Gaelle Clutch

Elle is dramatic and glamorous. This clutch will have heads turning with its snake print detail, available in either black or sand. This beautiful clutch comes with an external pockets along with a range of funtional internal pockets including card holders and a phone pocket. My personal favourite feature of this bag is the shoulder strap which reduces any hassle with having to be constantly holding your bag or worrying about where you last left it!

Evontte Elle Clutch

Both these bags are of an incredibly high quality and on trend! I wouldn’t be able to survive without each of these clutches! Why not have them both?