5 Great Female Fashion Bloggers 2015

The wonderful thing about the world of fashion is the diverse range of people, places and opinions which are involved in online fashion blogging. We thought that today we would create a list of 5 great female fashion bloggers which have the Oxford Meets Fifth tick of approval! If you haven’t already heard of these ladies yet, you will have now! Take a look at our thoughts below:

Katya Bychkova – Style Sprinter

Katya is a fashion blogger from The City that Never Sleeps, New York City. With regular content and posts on fashion, beauty, celebrity and lifestyle, Katya is regularly up to date on the fashion world. With great interaction with her followers on Twitter, Katya is available to answer questions you may have on style or appearance. Her article last week on the ideal Valentine’s Day look has received great feedback in the female fashion blogging world. We also love her touch of personality she adds by inserting pictures of herself – great work Katya!. Check out her website here:

Great Female Fashion Bloggers Katya

Jessica Stein – Tuula

From the other side of the globe we have Jessica Stein, an Australian fashion blogger who writes from Sydney. Her blog is perfect for those who want to travel but are stuck behind their computer screen, as Jessica takes her audience with her on her global travels. As of writing this post, Jessica is in London, but you can never be too sure where she will be next! Simply hover your mouse to ‘Travels”, pick a country and start reading about Jessica’s adventures! Click below to start your global fashion adventure:

Great Female Fashion Bloggers Jessica

Veronica Ferraro – The Fashion Fruit

The next destination on our global search for Great Female Fashion Bloggers is the beautiful European country of Italy. Veronica too has an eye for global fashion events and attends Fashion Weeks in Paris, London, Lisbon and more! Veronica writes mostly in Milan where she lives with her boyfriend and her dog, and her articles are available both in English and Italian; truly a global fashionista! The Fashion Fruit began as a fashion blog, however Veronica has now expanded her interests to report on Beauty, Fitness, Travel and Projects. Have a look at The Fashion Fruit below!

Great Female Fashon Bloggers Veronica

Lily Melrose – Lily Melrose

Writing from the United Kingdom is Lily Melrose. Lily is a 24 year old Female Fashion Blogger from London who writes on a range of topics, including outfits, lifestyle, advice and more. We really enjoyed her article on Cold Weather Dressing, which addresses the best way to deal with the cold in style. And as she says herself, someone from Britain certainly needs to know! Have a look at Lily Melrose’s self named blog below:

Lily Melrose

Denni Elias – Chicmuse

Denni Elias writes for Chicmuse and is another global lover of fashion. Denni is currently in New York City, however spends a lot of her time in Paris as well. Doesn’t that sound like the fashion blgoger’s dream! As a frequent attender of fashion events, parades, weeks and months, Chicmuse is certain to have up to date style and advice for your fashion interests. Denni wrote an article on the outfit she wore for lunch in Chelsea, and she provides a great breakdown of each fashion item. See more of Denni’s work below:

Great Female Fashion Bloggers Chicmuse

That concludes our list of 5 Great Female Fashion Bloggers for 2015! We would love to hear what you think about our list, so please give us your feedback and share this article on social media! Thanks so much ladies.


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