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If you are looking for a starting point for your cosmetics, you will likely be starting at the foundation. I have found an incredible product at a very reasonable price, produced by the reputable cosmetics company Body Shop. Oil free and SPF15 are just two of the amazing bonus qualities this Body Shop Foundation showcases. The Body Shop oil-free foundation leaves your skin feeling light and radiant, while covering up any marks or blemishes. This foundation comes in an extensive range of colours to ensure a perfect match for every skin tone. I, along with many of my closer friends, use this product daily and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. The flexibility of the product is an additional perk, as it seemingly works with most quantities and qualities of makeup. It is a long lasting and high quality foundation loved by women globally.

This foundation will be the base of all your makeup ideas – let us know what you think of this product:

Body Shop Oil-Free Foundation


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