Abercrombie & Fitch Winter Hat

Female Fashion AccessoriesAbercrombie & Fitch Winter Hat

This Abercrombie & Fitch winter hat is perfect for 2015’s cold winter weather. There is nothing better in winter than sipping warm coco, walking down the snow covered streets all rugged up or having warm cider at the bottom of the mountain after a long day of skiing. You can participate in all of these activities in style with your Abercrombie & Fitch Winter Hat! This beanie brings style with an added pop of colour to any winter look; available in cobalt blue and Louboutin red. We think that both colours are truly gorgeous and are flexible to compliment any look and appearance. Ladies, this beanie has the added bonus of being on trend and hiding any bad hair days. Whilst before you may have been asking “How can a beanie be the perfect winter accessory?…”. Well now you know the answer. Abercrombie & Fitch have continued to deliver high quality products for all ages. Five stars.

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Cat Eye Sunglasses by Tom Ford

Stylish Female Accessories!

Whether your sunnies are the perfect addition to your lunch outfit or to hide the smudged make-up from last night, or to help you hide while you make your morning coffee run… It doesn’t matter, leaving the house without these cat eye sunglasses is a fashion crime.

These cat eye sunglasses will compliment all face shapes and showcase a high end fashion boutique look. Trendy fashion items such as there sunglasses bring vintage back while combining it with elements of new fashion.

Whether you are looking for a pair just to throw in your bag or a good quality pair of sunglasses, I highly recommend both these trendy pairs of sunglasses for any and every occasion!! These Tom Ford glasses are the height of sophistication and many celebrities have been spotted supporting a pair. You won’t be disappointed with your new fashion purchase… I know I wasn’t!

Tom Ford Women's Bardot Cat Eye Sunglasses