MAC Lipsticks

Let your Lips Showcase your Attitude this Season.

Ladies, Oxford Meets Fifth is all about global fashion tips for women and we believe your make-up can either make your outfit look celebrity ready or make you look like a streetwalker in the words of Joan Rivers. For centuries it has been all about the dark eyeliner and bold eyeshadow colours but now it is time to let our lips do the talking. Bold lip colours, both matte and shine, are appearing on the red carpet, in photoshoots, on the pages of editorial magazines and in stores. This 2015 style is taking the beauty world by storm and is the perfect way to showcase your style, attitude and mood. Look and feel like a super model by supporting one of these fantastic lip colours; ruby reds, popping purples, outrageous oranges and perfect pinks. One company which was years ahead of this trend and are now continuing to take over the global beauty industry is MAC cosmetics. MAC lipsticks are the definition of vibrance, perfection and effortlessly flawless.

‘M·A·C was established in Toronto when makeup artist and photographer, Frank Toskan and beauty salon owner, Frank Angelo brainstormed a makeup line. Frustrated because of the lack of colours that would shoot well with photography; their aim was to develop a studio line makeup line that would fulfill their professional needs. M·A·C was homegrown in Canada – literally. Moving forward, M·A·C continues to satisfy the needs of its customers. Constantly developing existing and new categories, each of which grows out of a demand from professional makeup artists, M·A·C’s ultimate ambassadors. Equally important as the growth of its worldwide business is the company’s ongoing involvement in fundraising efforts and social awareness programs. Besides its commitment to the M·A·C AIDS Fund, the “heart and soul” of M·A·C, the company supports animal-free testing. M·A·C Cosmetics is owned by The Estée Lauder Companies, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of quality skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care products.’ MAC lipsticks are unbeatable and once you go MAC, there is no going back!

MAC lipsticks are now being created with a new and permanent formula. The lipsticks are high shine and long lasting to ensure full coverage for those longs days. They apply very creamy and comfortable, and have great staying power. Wheat Germ Extract, and Olive Extract help keep the lips moisturised. Speak softly, say something shocking! MAC lipsticks give weight to your words, and lightness to your lips! Texture talks for you and finish has the last word.

Oxford Meets Fifth is obsessed with the MAC attack revolution so we have decided to share our favourite colours with you. Three specially picked colours to have you covered for every occasion. With these three MAC lipsticks in your EVONTTE handbag, you can let your lips do the talking. Let silence be your words. Let the colours speak for you.

Dark & DaringMAC Lipsticks Dark Daring

I can’t go a day without this alluring and mysterious MAC lipstick. Inspired by Lord’s album Pure Heroine, this smokey purple colour will have you feeling like a celebrity yourself. This lipstick is made for night. Embrace your inner goth and dark side, keep your lips sealed. This colour will make a statement and have everyone asking you where your lipstick is from. Get in quick before all of these beauties sell out! Limited release and unbeatable quality at an incredible price- how can you resist? Long lasting and silky smooth, this MAC lipstick will have you speechless. Absolutely adored by us at OMF but more importantly loved by women from all corners of the globe. This rich plum colour MAC lipstick will bring youth to any look and have you looking like you have just walked off the sets of Made in Chelsea or Vampire diaries, sexy and seductive.

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Bright & Brilliant

MAC Lipsticks Bright Brilliant Let this lively MAC lipstick in Morange represent you this season. Outshine the sun or bring brightness to winter. This lipstick is made for full coverage to last all day without bleeding. From MAC’s amplified creme collection, this lipstick will not only do the talking but always do the moisturising! Here at OMF we are in love with the fun and flirty colour. Whether its for a date in the park, a day in the office or for a night out on the town, this MAC lipstick in Morange will have you feeling confident and looking chic. Let this lipstick represent your joy and happiness- maybe this joy was brought to you by your Dogeared good luck necklace? Never have another dull day with this MAC lipstick! Rain or shine. Matte or shine.

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Ruby & RedMAC Lipsticks Ruby Red

Ruby red is the hottest lipstick colour this season and is one of MAC cosmetics signature MAC lipstick colours. Glamorous retro style with the twist of futuristic style, this full coverage MAC lipstick will have you lost for words. This vivid red MAC lipstick will complement your Michael Kors Watches perfectly or have you looking polished from lips to shoes in your Steve Madden Sandals! Perfect for anytime of day, let yourself shine in this stunning red lipstick. Classic elegance is key in 2015 and this lipstick is the height of sophistication. One vital global fashion tip for women in 2015 is wear ruby red on your lips! The red brings colour to a dull outfit and draws all eyes to your seducing, sensuous lips. MAC attack with this ruby red MAC lipstick and have everyone starring for all the right reasons. Release your inner celebrity and showcase this MAC lipstick with a simple smokey eye. Learn how in our beauty category. Red is a colour of power, demand your power with this stunning Ruby Woo MAC lipstick. Take a stand before they are all gone. Be a fashion leader this season and let your MAC lipstick do the talking.

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Become a leader this season with MAC lipsticks. Long lasting, vibrant colours, high quality, loved globally and the height of sophistication. MAC cosmetics are unbeatable and will be the future of beauty products worldwide. Prepare to be taken by the MAC attack and let your lips do the talking. Runway ready colours at the tip of your fingers. Tag us @oxfordmeetsfifth showcasing your brights, share your reviews with us on twitter and Facebook and be sure to share us with your friends. Contact us for further tips and tricks in all thing fashion and beauty


Makeup Advice – Your Look This New Year

‘Simplistic Yet Unbeatable’

Oxford Meets Fifth’s makeup advice and fashion tips for women

Whether it is for a wedding, black tie event, date night, a job interview or for an 18th, 21st, 30th or even just to do the shopping; you want to be looking your best. This simple make-up advice creates a look which will elevate any appearance and showcase your features without taking hours or costing a fortune! Maybelline New York Fit Me! Concealer

A simple concealer is the one cosmetic every woman shouldn’t leave the house without. ‘MAYBELLINE NEW YORK’s Fit Me concealer’ comes in 10 different shades ensuring a perfect colour match for any skin tone and type. Apply this concealer under your eyes, on any blemishes or larger pores.

Apply the BODY SHOP OIL FREE FOUNDATION (posted here) next with the 4pc Pro Beauty Flawless Makeup Blender Foundation Sponges for a flawless finish! You may wish to set your foundation with a light powder but be careful to not ‘cake’ too much powder on.

Next moving on to the eyes; a component which many say is the hardest part of any make-up look! Using the ‘PHYSICIANS FORMULA shimmer eyeshadow strips (universal collection)’ apply a nude colour to your whole eye lid and slightly up towards the brow bone. Next take a small eye shadow brush and apply a dark brown or silvery shade to the creese of your eyes and for a more dramatic look, just under your lower lash line. Take a liner brush, slightly wet it and use the black shadow to line your upper lid and slightly fan the colour outwards. Once again for a more dramatic look repeat this step on your lower lash line.

To further enhance and professionalize your look, take your ‘STILA stay all day waterproof liner’ in black (also available in a range of colours) and line your upper and lower lash line and also bring the line slightly out for a winged eye effect. Slightly blend all of the eyeshadow colours with a blending brush until you are happy with the colour balance. Finish off this perfect eye with COVERGIRL’s Lashblast mascara’ for added length and volume. Apply from the bottom of the lashes to the top. Apply a second coat for thicker, darker and ,once again, a more dramatic look.

To finish this look add ‘MAC lipstick’ in ruby red or plumbery for a day or night look. Ensure when applying this lipstick to achieve even distribution on each side of your upper lip, which will showcase a plump, juicy lip. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick

This look is perfect for any occasion and can be slightly altered to suit any outfit or mood while also being timeless and trendy. Throw your lipstick, concealer and mascara in your clutch for those midnight touch ups! I highly recommend these products and couldn’t go without them. They are high quality, affordable and long-lasting. As a make-up enthusiast products such as these are unbeatable! All of these products are easy to apply and can be used separately or grouped for a professional sophisticated look.

Our makeup advice can be seen on models, globally. Now its your turn to look and feel like a celebrity! Share your boutique make-up looks with us on Instagram at @oxfordmeetsfifth.

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Oil-Free Foundation – Body Shop

Makeup Advice

If you are looking for a starting point for your cosmetics, you will likely be starting at the foundation. I have found an incredible product at a very reasonable price, produced by the reputable cosmetics company Body Shop. Oil free and SPF15 are just two of the amazing bonus qualities this Body Shop Foundation showcases. The Body Shop oil-free foundation leaves your skin feeling light and radiant, while covering up any marks or blemishes. This foundation comes in an extensive range of colours to ensure a perfect match for every skin tone. I, along with many of my closer friends, use this product daily and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. The flexibility of the product is an additional perk, as it seemingly works with most quantities and qualities of makeup. It is a long lasting and high quality foundation loved by women globally.

This foundation will be the base of all your makeup ideas – let us know what you think of this product:

Body Shop Oil-Free Foundation


Make-Up Brushes

Every woman dreads foundation lines, a smudged smokey eye or a lop-sided
lip. Say goodbye to these worries thanks to Natural Cosmetic Makeup Brush

These Natural Cosmetic brushes will help you achieve any make-up look you
desire with ease. From personal experience, I love these brushes as they
are made of quality natural hair which ensures no skin irritation along
with brush durability. This brush set has been very well received by women
worldwide! These brushes should be apart of every woman’s daily beauty
routines. Each delicate, soft brush is crafted to provide easy application
and ensure an expert finish!

Check out this product below:

Natural Cosmetic Makeup Brushes