Dogeared Purposeful Jewelry

It’s the little things that make life beautiful

Dogeared Jewelry was created in 1991 in Southern California. Dogeared’s founder Marcia Maizel-Clarke believed jewelry could be both beautiful and meaningful, and her idea that jewels should speak sparked the creative journey now known as Dogeared. ‘Dogeared believes goods things do happen.’We first discovered Dogeared purposeful jewelry pieces in our article on ‘Three Stunning Necklaces’. Dogeared pieces each tell a story; whether they represent special moments, milestones or experiences, they are filled with special meaning. Dogeared jewelry embraces spirituality and meaning and runs with it. Each piece is the perfect mix of symbolism, simplicity and style. Whether these elegant pieces are for yourself, your family, friends or a loved one; the piece will be cherished for a lifetime.

Dogeared features an enormous range of jewelry pieces, so our staff at Oxford Meets Fifth have hand-picked three of our all time favourites. Each of these three pieces are connected with three vital attributes. These attributes are aspects which are needed in order to craft each Dogeared purposeful jewelry piece. Balance. Luck. Power. Every woman deserves these in her life and these symbols are the way to attaining them.

Balance- Bracelet

Balance is something which we can struggle to find in our lives at times Dogeared Purposeful Jewelry Bracelet and with this simple bracelet on your wrist, it will remind you the little things in life are the ones which should be enjoyed. Moments which may not come around again and opportunities which require taking a leap of faith. While at times it can seem like work is the priority, this should never be the case. We have all experienced a time in our lives where we have been stressed, lonely, secluded, or unhappy. These negative emotions were the result of us losing sight of our life balance. This bracelet will be the perfect reminder of the importance of balance; bringing you a life filled with happiness and joy. This Dogeared purposeful jewelry piece will empower you, your friends or family to find the happy medium between work and play. Hand crafted in the United States with premium quality repurposed leather and sterling silver. This simple symbol of balance will work perfectly with your new Michael Kors Watch to help keep you on time and feeling stress free . Find your balance without feeling like you are walking a tight rope.

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Luck- Necklace

Dogeared Purposeful Jewelry Necklace Winning the lottery may be the type of luck you seek but this bracelet possesses luck much more powerful. The type of luck which leads you to opportunities, love, success, happiness and health. Whether you seek all of these or or focus on one, this necklace will be your guid to finding it. This elegant hand crafted sterling silver elephant is dipped in 14k gold. Once you put this perfect keepsake on for the first time, you will never take it off again. Believe in the power this luck has to leading you towards that little bit of extra luck when you are running dry. This elephant hangs on a beautiful, intricate sterling silver chain crafted from recycled. This Dogeared purposeful jewelry piece is the perfect gift for yourself or someone close to your heart.

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Power – Earrings

These beautiful sterling silver lightning bolt earnings are unique yet Dogeared Purposeful Jewelry Earrings simple. Lightning strikes twice with these delicate DOGEARED SILVER STUD EARRINGS. These studs are perfect for day to day wear, no matter what the occasion. Whether is’t lunch or coffee, school or uni, shopping or gym; these earrings will have you looking refreshed and stylish. These earrings are handcrafted in the United States from recycles sterling silver and are the perfect gift for all ages. This Dogeared purposeful jewelry piece will hold special meaning close to your heart; no matter which milestone they mark, they will make a stand. These earring may represent achievements in work and school or in your personal lives; be proud of these moments and embrace them. Let these earring showcase there striking simplicity and beauty this new year. This Dogeared purposeful jewelry piece deserves pole position in our gift ideas category.

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These Dogeared purposeful jewelry pieces are the future of environmentally friendly yet on trend fashion. I have never been a big jewelry fan myself, as i love letting my clothing pieces speak for themselves, however, discovering Dogeared has changed this! I wish I could dress head to toe in these beautifully crafted pieces- necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets all bringing amazing added attributes and meaning to everyday. Whether you are wearing one or five of these meaningful pieces, the piece/s will warm your heart and bring endless memories and meaning flooding back to you with every glance. These Dogeared pieces are loved in America alone but also adored internationally. Tag us @oxfordmeetsfifth, on Instagram flaunting your Dogeared piece, on Twitter sharing your review with the world or on Facebook updating your mood because your Dogeared piece has brought you luck or love. For more global fashion tips for women check out our Homepage and be sure to contact us for any further advice.


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