Oxford Meets Fifth: All About Us

‘Our Story’

Oxford Meets Fifth was officially launched in the latter half of 2014 and was created to provide a one stop, fashion focused website which women the world over could turn to, for up to the minute fashion tips for women. As fashionistas with a passion for fashion and make up we noticed that most websites focused on just one facet of style, such as high end beauty products or designer brands. What makes Oxford Meets Fifth unique is that you can find articles about designer brands as well as more affordable, high street brands. As well as articles which are focused on jewelry, accessories, make up and gift ideas. 
After all, style isn’t about simply putting on a gorgeous new dress, it’s about your whole look! To be stylish you need to be able to style a dress with a pair of gorgeous shoes and pick out a hairstyle, makeup look and accessories which tie in together, to create a head turning look. 

‘Our Goal’

We aim to provide engaging fashion related content, including high quality articles and expert product reviews as well as fashion, style and makeup advice. One of our goals is to provide unbiased reviews. So you can rest assured that we’re not going to rave about a product which we’re disappointed with, or would never use again, in order to receive a monetary kickback. Instead we aim to give you all the facts you need to decide whether or not you’d like to purchase a particular product or not. One of our secondary goals is to provide style tips which are easy to follow. As an example, we’d never publish a tutorial which included complicated make up techniques that you’d have to practice for hours to perfect. 

‘Our Fashion Tips For Women’

What sort of advice should you expect from Oxford Meets Fifth? As examples, you can expect to see step by step tutorials on how to create a professional make up look, in your own home and articles on how to incorporate a new trend into your everyday outfits. For instance, one of our first articles was centered on the hottest shoe styles for 2015 and featured a variety of sandals which boasted comfortable, chunky heels. 
As our advice is meant for women who need to make their wardrobe budget stretch as well as those who have the means to shop up our storm we featured shoes at each price point. Including a BCBGENERATION style which wouldn’t break the bank as well as a style from designer Rachel Zoe, which may interest those who are willing to splurge on a pair of new shoes.

‘Our Gift Ideas’

One of our favorite sections of our website is our gift idea section which will help you find the perfect gift for your mother, daughter, friend or colleague. If your budget is limited be sure to check out our under $50 section, which is full of fashion and beauty related bargains which your friends and family members will love!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re keen to develop your own personal sense of style, simply pick an article and start reading.